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Scott Booher is a healthcare business and technology leader with a 20-year history of scaling and maturing organizations, spanning enterprise to growth-stage companies:

  • COO at Zipnosis, a virtual care SaaS platform, providing transformative leadership and client/investor confidence in the ability to execute, leading to a successful Series A financing round.
  • SVP at Ascension Health, providing technology leadership and business opportunity assessment for a spin-off of the nation’s largest non-profit health system.
  • SVP/CIO at Medica Health Plans, where he built the team, technology infrastructure and strategic partnerships necessary to support a $2B managed care organization spin-off.
  • VP of Application Development at UnitedHealth Group.
  • President of ITR Mobility, where he led the transformation of a mobile development firm with unique IP into an authentic product and services company with accelerating sales growth, compelling products and maturing operations.

Scott has a deep understanding of the business and technology drivers supporting the financing and delivery of healthcare today – an essential quality for senior leaders during this period of disruptive change.

Project: A Healthcare IT Research Tool

A flood of news is being generated on the U.S. healthcare system, coming from hundreds of disparate news sources. Thousands of healthcare stories appear each day, making it difficult to get a real sense of what’s happening in a particular focus area, let alone identify quality content for review.

Financing events are only a small part of the picture. Health Systems, Payers, Capital Firms and other stakeholders have critical questions such as:

  • What is happening within a particular healthcare topic?
  • What new players are in this space?
  • What vendor deals, installations, and partnerships have occurred?

The goal of this tool is to assist in research efforts within the healthcare IT field, reducing analysis load while providing a simple method to follow an emerging healthcare topic or solution partner.

research image

News items are selected via search algorithm and then scored across several factors, including the perceived quality of the source. Depending on the frequency of news generated for a particular item, its news summary may represent a few days or a few months’ activity.

Links between Topics, Solution Partners, Health Systems, Payer Organizations and Capital Firms are determined through manual review as well as via algorithm. As connections between entities are established, ‘serendipitous exploration’ will become possible across data elements.

Although some direct testing occurs, note that with the incoming volume of data (5,000 news items per day) it would be infeasible to sample each record, and the odd categorization error is likely. This site is updated weekly, and your comments are welcome.