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[ A ] ACA Marketplace, Anesthesia EMR.

[ B ] Behavioral Health, Behavioral Healthcare, Big Data in Healthcare.

[ C ] Cancer Diagnostics, Care Coordination, Care Management, Clinical Data, Clinical Decision Support, Clinical Diagnostics, Clinical Trial Management, Clinical Trial Participation, Community Health, Connected Health, Connected Wearables, Continuum of Care, Credentialing.

[ D ] Diabetes Management, Diagnostic Tests, Digital Health, Digital Health Innovation.

[ E ] e-Prescribing, EHR, Electronic Health Record, Electronic Health Records, Employee Engagement, Employee Healthcare Engagement, EMR, ePrescribing.

[ G ] Genome Editing.

[ H ] Health Innovation, Health Management, Health Records Management, Healthcare 3D Printing, Healthcare Cloud, Healthcare Cybersecurity, Healthcare IoT, Healthcare IT Consulting, Healthcare Managed Cloud, Healthcare Risk Management, Healthcare Services, Healthcare Supply Chain, HIMSS, HIPAA, HITRUST CSF, Home Care, Home Health, Home Health Care, Hospital Consolidation.

[ L ] Life Science Analytics.

[ M ] MACRA, Maryland Healthcare, Master Data Management, Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Medical Device Security, Medical Education, Medical Imaging, Medical Imaging Market, Medical Research, Medication Therapy Management, Mental Health, mHealth, Mobile Health.

[ O ] Occupational Medicine, Oklahoma Healthcare, Oncology Diagnostics.

[ P ] Pain Management, Patient Empowerment, Patient Experience, Patient Loyalty, Patient Monitoring, Patient Portal, Patient Recruitment, Patient Registry, Patient Remote Monitoring, Patient Safety, Patient Satisfaction, Payer Services, Personalized Medicine, Physician Engagement, Population Health, Practice Management, Precision Medicine, Predictive Analytics, Predictive Analytics Market, Prescriptive Analytics.

[ Q ] Quality Payment Program.

[ R ] Readmissions, Remote Monitoring, Remote Patient Monitoring, Revenue Cycle Management, RTLS.

[ T ] Telehealth, Telemedicine.

[ U ] Utilization Management.

[ V ] Value-Based Insurance, Virtual Care.

[ W ] Wearables, Wearables Market.

Rationale: A flood of news is being generated on the U.S. healthcare system, coming from dozens of established news sources and hundreds of blogs. Thousands of stories appear each day, making it difficult to get a real sense of what is happening in a particular focus area, let alone identify quality content for review.

Health systems, payers, capital firms and other stakeholders have critical questions such as: (1) what is happening within a particular healthcare topic? (2) what new players are in this space? and (3) what deals, installations and partnerships have occurred?

The goal of this tool is to provide assistance to research efforts within the healthcare IT field, reducing analysis load while providing a simple method to follow an emerging healthcare topic or player.

Methodology: News items are selected via a search algorithm and then scored across several factors, including the perceived quality of the source. Depending on the frequency of news for a particular topic, its news summary may represent a few days, or a few months activity. Links to other entities are determined through manual review as well as via algorithm.

Although some direct testing occurs, note that with the incoming volume of data (5,000 news items per day) it would be infeasible to sample each record, and the odd categorization error is likely. Finally, your comments are welcome.