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[ A ] ACA Marketplace, Accountable Care Organization, ACOs, Addiction Recovery Programs, Addiction Treatment, Advance Care Planning, Advanced Analytics, Adverse Drug Reactions, AI in Healthcare, Ambulatory EHR, Antibiotic Stewardship.

[ B ] Behavioral Health, Behavioral Healthcare, Big Data in Healthcare, Blockchain in Healthcare, Brain Health, Bundled Payments.

[ C ] Cancer Diagnostics, Cancer Diagnostics Market, Cardiac Care, Care Collaboration, Care Coordination, Care Management, Care Management Software, Case Management, Charge Capture, Chronic Care Management, Chronic Condition Management, Chronic Disease Management, Claims Management, Claims Management Solutions, Clinical Analytics, Clinical Care, Clinical Collaboration, Clinical Communication, Clinical Data, Clinical Data Management, Clinical Data Registry, Clinical Decision Support, Clinical Diagnostics, Clinical Documentation, Clinical Documentation Improvement, Clinical Genomics, Clinical Improvement, Clinical Informatics, Clinical Integration, Clinical Intelligence, Clinical Operations, Clinical Pharmacology, Clinical Trial Management, Clinical Validation, Clinically Integrated Network, Cognitive Analytics, Cognitive Assessment, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Computing, Community Health, Computer Assisted Coding, Computer Assisted Coding Market, Concierge Medicine, Connected Health, Consumer Engagement, Continuum of Care, Coordinated Care, Corporate Wellness Programs, CPOE, Credentialing, Cures Act.

[ D ] Data Breach Notification, Diabetes Management, Diabetes Prevention, Diagnostic Imaging, Diagnostic Imaging Market, Diagnostic Tests, Digital Health, Digital Health Innovation, Digital Health Market, Digital Health Platform, Digital Health Solutions, Digital Health Startups, Digital Health Technology, Digital Imaging Solutions, Digital Pathology, Digital Pathology Market, Digital Patient, Digital Therapeutics, Direct Primary Care, Disease Management.

[ E ] e-Prescribing, EHR, EHR Implementation, EHR Integration, EHR Interoperability, EHR Market, EHR Technology, Electronic Health Record, Electronic Health Records, Electronic Medical Record, Electronic Prescriptions, EMPI, Employee Engagement, Employee Healthcare Engagement, Employee Wellbeing, Employee Wellness, EMR, Enterprise Imaging, Enterprise Master Patient Index, ePrescribing.

[ F ] FHIR, Fitness Tracking, Formulary Management.

[ G ] Genome Editing, Genomic Analysis, Georgia Healthcare.

[ H ] Health Cloud, Health Informatics, Health Information Exchange, Health Information Management, Health Innovation, Health Insurance Marketplace, Health IT, Health IT Security, Health Management, Health News, Health Risk Assessment, Health Tech, Health Tracking, Healthcare Analytics, Healthcare Analytics Market, Healthcare Cloud, Healthcare Cloud Computing, Healthcare Cloud Computing Market, Healthcare Communication, Healthcare Communications, Healthcare Compliance, Healthcare Cost Containment, Healthcare CRM, Healthcare Cybersecurity, Healthcare Data Analytics, Healthcare Data Breaches, Healthcare Financial Management, Healthcare IoT, Healthcare IT, Healthcare IT Consulting, Healthcare IT Market, Healthcare Marketplace, Healthcare Mobility, Healthcare Mobility Solutions, Healthcare Operations, Healthcare Policy, Healthcare Services, Healthcare Staffing, Healthcare Supply Chain, Healthcare Supply Chain Management, Healthcare Transformation, Healthcare Workforce Management, Healthcare Workforce Solutions, Healthy Aging, HIMSS, HIPAA, HIPAA Privacy, HIPAA Security, HITRUST CSF, Home Care, Home Health, Home Health Care, Hospital Management, Hospital Readmissions.

[ I ] Individual Health Insurance Market, Individualized Medicine, Infection Prevention, Infusion Therapy, Insurance Exchanges, Integrative Medicine, Internet of Medical Things, Interoperability Standards.

[ L ] Laboratory Information Management, Life Science Analytics, Lifestyle Management.

[ M ] MACRA, Master Data Management, Master Data Management Market, Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Medical Device Connectivity, Medical Device Connectivity Market, Medical Device Security, Medical Diagnostics, Medical Education, Medical Errors, Medical Imaging, Medical Imaging Market, Medical Imaging Technology, Medical News, Medical Research, Medical Transcription, Medical Transportation, Medication Adherence, Medication Adherence Market, Medication Management, Medication Therapy Management, Member Engagement, Mental Health, Mental Health Parity, Mental Health Services, mHealth, Mindfulness Training, Mobile Health.

[ N ] Nurse Call Systems, Nurse Staffing, Nursing Education.

[ O ] Occupational Medicine, Oncology Diagnostics, Online Addiction Recovery, Online Therapy.

[ P ] PACS, Pain Management, Pain Treatment, Patient Adherence, Patient Billing, Patient Communication, Patient Community, Patient Education, Patient Engagement, Patient Engagement Platform, Patient Engagement Solutions, Patient Engagement Solutions Market, Patient Experience, Patient ID, Patient Identification, Patient Management, Patient Monitoring, Patient Monitoring Market, Patient Portal, Patient Portals, Patient Recruitment, Patient Referrals, Patient Registry, Patient Remote Monitoring, Patient Reported Outcomes, Patient Retention, Patient Safety, Patient Satisfaction, Pediatric Care, Personal Health Record, Personalized Healthcare, Personalized Medicine, Pharmaceutical Supply Chain, Pharmacy Benefit Management, Physician Education, Physician Engagement, Picture Archiving and Communication System, Point of Care Diagnostics, Population Health, Population Health Analytics, Population Health Management, Population Health Management Market, Practice Management, Practice Management Software, Precision Medicine, Precision Medicine Market, Predictive Analytics, Predictive Analytics Market, Prescription Drug Monitoring, Prescriptive Analytics, Preventative Care, Provider Engagement, Provider Performance, Psychosocial Support.

[ Q ] Quality Payment Program.

[ R ] Radiology Information System, Readmissions, Real World Evidence, Referral Management, Regenerative Medicine, Remote Monitoring, Remote Patient Monitoring, Remote Patient Monitoring Market, ResearchKit, Respiratory Care, Retail Health, Retail Health Clinics, Revenue Cycle Management, Revenue Cycle Management Market, RTLS.

[ S ] Shared Savings Program, Smoking Cessation.

[ T ] Telehealth, Telehealth Market, Telehealth Technology, Telemedicine, Telemedicine Market, Telemedicine Platform, Telemedicine Technology, Telepsychiatry, Telerehabilitation, Teletherapy.

[ U ] Utilization Management.

[ V ] Value-Based Reimbursement, Virtual Care, Virtual Diagnosis.

[ W ] Wearable Tech, Wearable Technology, Wearable Technology Market, Wearables, Wearables Market, Wellness Benefits, Wellness Programs, Workplace Health, Workplace Wellness, Wound Care Management, Wound Care Management Market.

[ X ] X-ray Imaging.

[ 2 ] 21st Century Cures Act.


News items are selected via search algorithm and then scored across several factors, including the perceived quality of the source. Depending on the frequency of news generated for a particular item, its news summary may represent a few days or a few months’ activity.

Links between Topics, Solution Partners, Health Systems, Payer Organizations and Capital Firms are determined through manual review as well as via algorithm. As connections between entities are established, ‘serendipitous exploration’ will become possible across data elements.

Although some direct testing occurs, note that with the incoming volume of data (5,000 news items per day) it would be infeasible to sample each record, and the odd categorization error is likely. This site is updated weekly, and your comments are welcome.

  Data Definitions

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Recent News: The twenty most recent news items for this Topic / Solution Partner / Health System / Payer / Capital Firm (hereafter Entity), with average or better quality score. The Entity may be mentioned within the story, but not be the primary focus of the item. Quality is determined via algorithm and includes a news source ranking as well as placement of the Entity within the news item.

Linked News: Similar to the above, but filtered to only those news items for a which a Label can be displayed to illustrate the specific news connections between this and other Entities. For example, a news item on the topic of Telehealth may also include mention of a specific telehealth Solution Partner. A news item for a revenue cycle management Solution Partner may include mention of a particular Health System where a contract was announced (see Connections Tab).

High Score: The twenty most recent high-scoring news items available. Here, the Entity is more likely to be the focus of, or feature prominently in the news item. Medium-quality news may be supplemented to fill out the container when necessary. Depending on the frequency of news generated for a particular Entity, its news summary may represent a few days or a few months’ activity. Where possible, a Label is displayed that illustrates the specific connections between this record and others.

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Top News Sources: A ranked list of the top Authoritative Sources for each Entity. Authoritative Sources are well-known news outlets and PR vehicles, rather than local news outlets which may merely reprint press releases. There are currently 100+ Authoritative (out of 5,000+) unique healthcare news sources in inventory, and this list is updated weekly.

Mirrored Topics: Topics are mirrored where a user searching news for one term, would expect similar results for the other term in this relationship, i.e., ‘EHR’ and ‘Electronic Health Record.’ In other cases, the mirrored Topics are different terms but are now used interchangeably in healthcare news, such as with ‘Telehealth’ and ‘Virtual Care.’ High-scoring news for one Topic will be mapped to its mirror(s) so that it can be found in searches there as well. Solution Partners linked to one Topic/Capability will also be connected to their mirror(s).

Related Topics: A subjective mapping of other topics that might be of interest. Your suggestions are welcome.

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..for Healthcare Topics

  • Solution Partners: Partners with this specific Topic/Capability.
  • Capital Interest: Capital Firms with a specific news mention for this Topic.
  • Provider Interest: Health Systems with a particular news mention for this Topic.
  • Payer Interest: Payer Organizations with a specific news mention for this Topic.
  • See Also: Related Topics of interest. Your suggestions are welcome.

..for Solution Partners

  • Capabilities/Topics: Solution Partners will often have links to multiple Topics, or Capabilities, rather than being boxed into a single arbitrary classification - a differentiator for this dataset. Note: This classification is driven as much by news content as from the vendor’s self-description, website or press releases, i.e., if the news media repeatedly refers to a Solution Partner as an RCM provider, it will likely have that classification in addition to any Capabilities claimed by the vendor.
  • Financing: Links to Capital Firms with announced funding events for this Partner (not a primary focus).
  • Provider Implementations: Links to Health Systems or Hospitals with an announced partnership of some sort.
  • Payer Implementations: Links to Payer Organizations with an announced partnership of some sort.
  • See Also: Links to potential competitors for this Solution Partner, based on shared Capabilities (limit 10).

..for Health Systems

  • Interests: Direct interests (Topics) for this Health System, based on published news, i.e., a Health System that announces a Precision Medicine initiative, etc.
  • Inferred Interests: Inferred interests based upon the Partner relationship graph - contracting with a Telehealth provider infers an interest in Telehealth and Virtual Care, etc.
  • Solution Partners: Links to Solution Partners with an announced partnership of some sort.

..for Payer Organizations

  • Interests: Direct interests (Topics) for this Payer Organization, based on published news, i.e., a Payer that announces a Wellness initiative, etc.
  • Inferred Interests: Inferred interests based upon the Partner relationship graph - contracting with a Telehealth provider infers an interest in Telehealth and Virtual Care, etc.
  • Solution Partners: Links to Solution Partners with an announced partnership of some sort.

..for Capital Firms

  • Interests: Direct interests (Topics) for this Capital Firm, based on published news.
  • Inferred Interests: Inferred interests based upon the Partner relationship graph - investing in a Telehealth provider infers an interest in Telehealth and Virtual Care, etc.
  • HIT Investments: Solution Partners with announced financing events from this Capital Firm. Note that there are myriad other sources of financing data - therefore financing linkages are a low priority.
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  • Curated News Items: The total news items present in the system for this Entity. Note that only a small portion of available news is ever presented.
  • Unique News Sources: Includes both authoritative and non-authoritative sources, but with a minimum quality score.
  • News Last 90 Days: Self-explanatory.
  • Compare To Prior Period: Trend compared to the previous 90-day period.
  • News Quartile: Calculated via news volume for the last half-year, as compared to others within this domain (Healthcare Topics, Solution Partners, etc.). A rough comparison of authoritative news generated, rather than web searches made. Updated weekly.
  • Internal Connections: The total number of internal connections present (See Connections Tab).